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Welcome! To your number one carrier in Southern California Delivering quality service for over 15 years, Southland Distribution, Inc. is a full service expedited carrier offering service in the Continental USA., and Canada. Each year Southland delivers millions of pounds throughout the Country.
Why Southland is number one in Southern California?
It's not enough for us to simply move your Cargo from point A to point B. Our primary goal is to provide service that exceeds your expectations. That's why we go above and beyond to be flexible and customer-oriented. And we do FREE local “anywhere in Greater Los Angeles Area” pick up and delivery for our loyal customers, yes FREE, ask your sales representative for details..
Southland Distribution is dedicated to providing the highest level of service that is available today. The goal is not just to deliver freight, but to communicate effectively with the customer. It is this effective communication that puts southland number one in Southern California.
We are at Southland Distribution confident you will not find another company with a stronger commitment to customer service in the entire transportation industry.
For all your Shipping Needs, Southland is the Answer.

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